Get the best out of your Service Parts Logistics

Your customers want your products and services delivered ever faster, making it important to streamline your Service Parts Logistics. Outsourcing your Service Parts Logistics to Base Logistics will mean shorter lead times and higher customer satisfaction.

Service parts logistics

We specialize in logistics for the demanding high-tech and medical industries. With a global network of over 600 storage locations at our disposal, we can flexibly and independently determine the best storage site for your goods.

Powerful management tool

We have the latest logistical data at our disposal and the expertise to link it with your own data, with the experience of our logistics specialists and with other external data. The result is a powerful management tool that helps you to analyse and optimise your logistical and other business processes.

Unique concept

Ensure access to the best SPL solutions through one independent point of contact. Our team of specialists helps you reduce your trade risks and time to market. Our unique concept enables you to scale your operations, keeping pace with the growth of your business.


Beside our ISO 9001:2008 certification we meet the standards of ISO 13485:2003, for medical devices.


single it platform

Single IT platform

Our logistics application Klairy uniquely combines Transport Management and Warehouse Management in one multilingual webbased system. Klairy makes processes transparent, and monitors the agreements made. In it, you will also find all the necessary transport documents.

Klairy also provides comprehensive insight into stocks and goods flows, including strategic stock levels. You can find all relevant information within just one well-ordered system, real time.

You don’t have to worry about complicated implementation processes. Klairy operates in your own internet browser and you can go to work on it immediately. It is of course also possible to integrate Klairy with existing systems.

flexible engineering

Flexible Engineering

Our dedicated team of engineering professionals guarantees flawless execution of your project. With years of expertise in network modeling and process engineering we ensure high quality flexible engineering. This allows for scalable and sustainable solutions across the globe, through our sizeable partner network.


proactive program management

Proactive Program Management

Base Logistics works according to clearly defined Statements of Work (SOWs). Our Proactive Program Management includes extensive data analytics and automated cycle counts. Structural audits and pick verification ensure a consistently high quality. This way, we are able to provide full stock visibility through our logistics application Klairy. It provides real-time insight into your logistics, including Key Performance Indicators, such as On Time Performance.

spl services

Base Logistics is fully geared to deal effectively with customer-specific requirements and exceptions. The Base Logistics Control Tower monitors all the shipments closely and proactively, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We manage any issues that occur in the process, and when deliveries progress entirely to plan, you will not receive any superfluous messages. This leaves you free to concentrate on your core business.

Warehouse Management

We manage your stock at one of our secure storage locations, or on your own site. Base Logistics has a global network of over 600 storage locations at its disposal, including our head office in Moerdijk with BORG 4 security system.

Transport Management

Base Logistics selects the most suitable carrier for your shipment. Giving you access to hundreds of carriers, via one independent point of contact.

Return Management

Our automated process ensures more efficient and cost-effective Return Management. Your engineers simply use and consult Klairy via their telephone or tablet. Klairy gives you insight into your return goods flow, leading to higher re-usability of your return goods.

Demo & Eval Management

Effective management ensures lower costs, thanks to complete insight into the status and location of demo products.

Supply Chain Modeling

With our Supply Chain Modeling we give insight into your supply chain, making it easy to evaluate alternatives.

Value Added Logistics

Our tailored services are specially designed to offer you optimum flexibility and ensure that you consistently meet your customers’ needs. We pride ourselves in providing high-quality customized solutions.

WEEE (waste) Management

We have programs in place to ensure compliance to the European Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, based on a solid reverse and repair logistics strategy.

Global Trade Management

The Importer of Record (IOR) & Exporter of Record (EOR) is officially recognized by governments as the official party of an international shipment transaction. While most companies export or import products to a specific business entity when selling or buying products, supporting warranty replacement and other emergency stock programs in various global destinations can be difficult without a sales party to act as IOR.

global trade management

Base Logistics is highly experienced in offering IOR/EOR compliance, facilitating critical product imports and exports in countries around the globe. Our local partners, fully FCPA-checked before onboarding, have extensive knowledge of local customs conducting the export or import transactions.

Customs and compliance

Base Logistics can offer IOR and EOR services in 100+ countries today. We provide compliance services to move our customers’ products fully compliant through customs on a global basis. Base Logistics helps you to restrict the growing business risks in respect of customs and compliance.


According to the U.S. law, exporters need to ensure that their goods are not being sold to undesirable entities. Base Logistics offers a comprehensive denied party screening process, searching through internationally sourced excluded party lists.

Authorized Economic Operator

We meet the strict requirements of the Customs authorities, which is why Base Logistics has been given the status of Authorised Economic Operator (AEO). In Europe, AEO status is the counterpart of C-TPAT, the security measures which the United States put in place following 11 September 2001. Thanks to the AEO certificate, our customers are much less likely to suffer delays through inspections.

Global Network

Base Logistics offers a worldwide partner network, spanning all corners of the world. We created a global network and powerful strategic logistics solutions, thanks to solid partnerships with Approved Partners across the world. Thanks to our professional multilingual specialists, we can offer the most cost-effective, quality service and individual personal attention.

global network

Worldwide network

With its global footprint, Base Logistics provides regional distribution centers, a network of more than 600 global strategic stocking locations and over 900 pick-up and drop-off locations (PuDo) including intelligent locker solutions throughout Europe. This network is specifically designed to facilitate the needs of clients in the demanding high-tech and medical industries.

Real time insight

By collecting local geofencing data between our Strategic Stocking Locations and critical goods destinations, we can even give you real time insight into the status of direct drives.

All transport modalities

Thanks to our combined and integrated solution we are able to offer you a competitive and clear global solution for all transport modalities. Whereby we make use of many different carriers to support the execution of your transport. We manage this transport on your behalf.

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Tariff Service Parts Logistics

The SPL tariffs include receipt, storage and retrieval. To allow these tariffs to be displayed directly on the screen, we kindly request you to enter your details, including contact details. We will contact you with more information on the selected services.

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    Besides the storage of your goods, we also offer supplementary Value Added Logistics services. Select from the following services:

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    Volumetric weight

    The weight and the space a package takes up are important when determining the shipping costs. Therefore when calculating the price of your shipment, the so-called volumetric weight is also taken into account. It is important to calculate the volumetric weight for every shipment and to compare it with the actual weight in kilogrammes. The shipping costs are determined based on the higher of the two ‘weights’.

    To calculate the volumetric weight, you first determine the volume: length x width x height (in centimetres). For shipments by air and the Express service of international couriers, you divide the volume by the factor 6000 (in some cases 5000). For the Economy service via the integrators, you divide the volume by 4000. For Domestic shipments via the integrators, you use the factor 3333.

    The actual factor can vary per carrier. For a current quote of the volumetric weight (or dimensional weight) of your shipments, you are of course welcome to contact us any time.

    Track & Trace

    In our logistics system, Klairy, you will find the current status of every shipment. If you already have a Klairy login, you can log in here. If you do not yet have login details, please contact us to request them.

    If you presently only have the tracking number from one of the carriers below, you can enter the tracking number hereunder.

    Public Holidays

    Below is a list of international holidays for October 2018. A complete list of all the international holidays is available here.

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    Friday 2 November 2018
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    Saturday 3 November 2018
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    Monday 12 November 2018
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    Friday 23 November 2018
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    Saturday 24 November 2018

    Sunday 25 November 2018
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    Monday 26 November 2018
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    Tuesday 27 November 2018

    Wednesday 28 November 2018
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    Thursday 29 November 2018
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    Friday 30 November 2018
    Argentina* Barbados Philippines Romania UAE (United Arab Emirates) Yemen

    * Regional, for more information visit:

    Transport insurance

    Base Logistics ensures that your goods are shipped in good order. But despite our utmost care and that of the carrier(s), damages can occur. If Base Logistics or the carrier is liable, the compensation under the applicable transport terms and conditions is based on a limited sum. Therefore it may be advisable to take out your own transport insurance against potential risks. You can quickly and easily calculate your insurance premium with the help of our tool. Listed prices are indicative (ask for the conditions).

    Book your insured order now. Contact our Transport Planning department on telephone number +31 (0) 88 555 2222.


    Calculate your insurance premium


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