Global Network

Base Logistics offers a worldwide partner network, spanning all corners of the world. We created a global network and powerful strategic logistics solutions, thanks to solid partnerships with Approved Partners across the world. Thanks to our professional multilingual specialists, we can offer the most cost-effective, quality service and individual personal attention.

Worldwide network

With its global footprint, Base Logistics provides regional distribution centers and a network of more than 600 global strategic stocking locations. Our Field Service solutions, monitored and managed 24/7, include over 900 pick-up and drop-off locations (PuDo), as well as intelligent locker solutions throughout Europe. This network is specifically designed to facilitate the needs of clients in the demanding high-tech and medical industries.

Real-time insight

By collecting local geofencing data between our Strategic Stocking Locations and critical goods destinations, we can even give you real-time insight into the status of direct drives.

All transport modalities

Thanks to our combined and integrated solution we are able to offer you a competitive and clear global solution for all transport modalities. Whereby we make use of many different carriers to support the execution of your transport. We manage this transport on your behalf.

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