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Klairy is a low-threshold logistics system that is easy to use from the start. With Klairy, you have everything you need to manage your logistics within one system. Klairy gives you total insight into your stocks and goods flows, including Key Performance Indicators and strategic stock levels – where and whenever you wish.


You don’t have to worry about complicated implementation processes. Klairy operates in your own internet browser and you can go to work on it immediately. It is of course also possible to integrate Klairy with existing systems.


Klairy contains all the necessary transport documents, but also the documents required for customs and compliance. If you need a price immediately for a shipment, you will find it with the click of a button.


Klairy not only makes the processes transparent, but also monitors the agreements made. And you will receive exactly the information that is important to you.

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Key features


Klairy makes your logistics conveniently available. You determine which important facts and figures you want to see displayed. Moreover, all the information is available in real time. Within Klairy you will find more than 20 different standard reports.

Clear reports

With a click of the button, you can therefore create clear reports on stocks and goods flows, including Key Performance Indicators and strategic stock levels. You can also quickly create your own management reports and split-cost overviews.

Naturally you can export all the reports to Excel, so that you can further process and combine the data.


Unique to Klairy is the tool that shows you your inactive stock, known as MIAS (Material Inactive Stock). MIAS is a powerful tool for reducing your stocks.

Transport Management

With Klairy you will find it easy to plan new shipments and keep a total overview via a central dashboard screen, irrespective of the type of shipment. Via Base Logistics you have access to hundreds of specialist companies, each with its own specific strength or expertise.


Our logistics application also makes the processes transparent and monitors the agreements made. You can consult your own On Time Performance. This helps to determine the service level that your customers experience.

Transport documents

Klairy automatically provides the most common transport documents, thus taking a lot of work off your hands in respect of international shipments. All you really have to do is print out the documents.

Warehouse Management

Klairy gives you complete control with insight into your stocks and goods flows. Wherever in the world your materials are stored, in one of our secure warehouses or in your own premises. You decide which important facts or figures you want to display.


Structural audits and pick verification guarantee a consistently high quality. In addition, Base Logistics provides periodic automated cycle counts. Base Logistics provides an accurate check of your goods descriptions. This avoids delays owing to problems with the descriptions during the transport.


We also check the Parts Master on the basis of, among other things, the Export Control Classification Numbers (ECCN). ECCN numbers are important for determining the degree to which products can be classified as dual-use goods.

Finance Management

Klairy shows you all the invoices at a glance, including their payment status. Via Klairy you can also download your own delivery notes and lists for your VAT and customs declarations.


Your invoices are specified according to your requirements and you can choose between one collective invoice or split by costs, users or departments.


Every invoice is available digitally. Naturally you can export all the data to Excel, so that you can process the data further.


Klairy provides tools for restricting the growing business risks in the area of customs and compliance. Klairy generates automatic messages as soon as orders are non-compliant, which may be on the grounds of product descriptions, sanctioned countries, blacklisted companies, etc.


Thanks to the detailed information contained in Klairy, such as serial and batch/lot numbers, you can immediately consult the full history of a product.


Base Logistics carefully checks your Parts Master in advance. Careful checks are also carried out when planning the transport, to prevent any problems in descriptions from causing delays during the transport.

Support Tickets

Klairy makes communication on your logistics very clear, thanks to the integrated support ticket system. For questions regarding invoicing, stock or transport orders, you can create a support ticket in Klairy.

Quick response

All the correspondence and appendices will be linked with the relevant order. Base Logistics keeps a close eye on response times for support tickets, so that you never have to wait long for an answer.


If you have a quick question, you can also contact us via webchat. You will have direct contact with one of our Control Tower agents.

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