SLS Benelux acquired

SLS Benelux acquired by Base Logistics Group

Base Logistics Group has announced the acquisition of SLS Benelux (Special Logistic Services BV in full). With offices in Breda and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and Schelle (Belgium), SLS is a Field Service Logistics specialist mainly focusing on service organizations within the Benelux. From its offices in the Netherlands and Belgium, SLS supports organizations with a Field Service in the performance of time-critical distribution, storage and return logistics of, among other things, service parts and supplies. SLS is part of ESLA (European Service Logistics Association), an exclusive European partnership for night distribution and service logistics.

The activities and strategy of the logistics service provider in Breda fit well with those of Base Logistics, which strengthens its position in the field of Field Service in the Benelux thanks to the acquisition. The acquisition also gives Base Logistics access to a close-knit European Field Service network through the ESLA partnership.

Base Logistics’ CEO Robin Voet about the acquisition: “Our organizations have been working together for a while and I have been impressed by the professionalism of the SLS team. Our organizations are a good match.” According to Voet, the cooperation between the two companies is excellent. “Our Service Parts Logistics division specializes in logistics solutions for mainly high-tech companies. The services that SLS offers in the Benelux and which Base Logistics uses, are an important addition to the group’s complete service package. ”

Annabel Francissen, Managing Director of SLS Benelux, explains: “In our partnership, I have noticed that Base Logistics and SLS have many similarities. This shows, for example, in the area of corporate culture, but especially in the service level that we offer our customers. Both SLS and Base Logistics are characterized by high quality, flexibility and customer orientation. The fact that we are now joining Base Logistics Group is, therefore, a logical step for me.”

Francissen sees many opportunities for SLS, thanks to the takeover. She continues: “When choosing a logistics service provider, companies often look at the size and diversity of an organization. I am convinced that our potential growth through the further expansion of the service package is a lot bigger, now that we are part of Base Logistics Group.”

SLS is the second company to be included in Base Logistics Group after HealthLink Europe was added in 2017. Today, Base Logistics Group has approximately 65,000 m2 of storage space in Memphis (United States), Den Bosch, Rosmalen, Waalwijk and Moerdijk (the Netherlands) where time-critical goods such as spare parts are stored. Including its brands Base Logistics, HealthLink Europe and SLS Benelux, Base Logistics Group has over 350 employees and an annual turnover of € 75 million.

Waterland Private Equity Investments added Base Logistics to its investment portfolio in 2016, to develop Base Logistics into an internationally leading logistics organization. Based on this strategy, HealthLink Europe was acquired in 2017. This makes SLS Benelux the second organization to be added as part of the buy-and-build strategy of Base Logistics and Waterland. Active in sectors that experience the influence of fundamental trends like Outsourcing, Leisure & Luxury, Aging and Sustainability, Waterland raised its seventh investment fund in 2017, with which a total of $ 2.4 billion can be invested in growing companies with a takeover strategy. The company attracts new capital from national and international institutional investors.