23 November 2013

Your Logistics Base

At Base Logistics we like to be different. We had an animation made, to be able to show people what we do in a refreshing way.Read more

25 October 2013

Consignment note numbers

As you may know, you must include 1 shipping, pro forma or commercial invoice (CI) with the shipment and hand over 4 copies to the driver who picks up the parcel. The driver delivers the invoices to the transit depot office, where they are processed for export and import customs purposes.Read more

25 October 2013

Base starts operations on Curaçao

Base Logistics opened its doors on the island of Curaçao this summer. Growing demand for 24-hour availability to provide proactive information to our customers, answer questions and handle rush orders day and night was the main reason for opening the new branch.Read more

25 October 2013

Newsletter October 2013

Read the October 2013 newsletter here, with the following subjects.

• Office Curaçao
• Consignment note numbers
• Shipping batteries
• Klairy developments
• One millionth transport orderRead more

25 October 2013

Shipping batteries

As stated in previous newsletters, dangerous goods (Hazmat/DG) get increasing attention from carriers. Batteries are dangerous goods that are common in a variety of electronics. Not every sender recognizes the risks involved in shipping electronics with batteries (lithium ion/metal batteries and button cells).Read more

25 October 2013

Croatia – new EU member state

On 1 July 2013 Croatia became the 28th member state of the European Union. One consequence is that you are no longer required to include a commercial invoice with shipments from other EU countries to Croatia and vice versa. As a result the free movement of goods now applies to Croatia as well.Read more

25 October 2013

One millionth transport order

More than 1 million orders have been placed since Klairy (formerly known as ‘BLIITS’) went live. We delivered a cake to celebrate this milestone to the customer who placed our one millionth order. Naturally we would like to thank all our customers who contributed to achieving this amazing milestone. Read more

18 March 2013

Accedian Networks opts for Base Logistics

“Accedian has been able to quickly improve its supply chain in Europe through the help provided by NDL/HIDC. With the multitude of potential partners, it was difficult for Accedian to determine who would be the perfect fit considering our growing needs. Read more

31 January 2013

The right packaging

In order to work as efficiently as possible the logistics sector is becoming increasingly automated. An important part of this is that more and more shipments are being processed by automated systems and sorted by them for the correct destinations. If shipments are not suitable for automated sorting, in the worse case this can result in delayRead more

31 January 2013

Sanctioned countries

With the increasing emphasis on an internationally safe flow of goods we receive more and more questions on the shipment of goods to ‘sanctioned countries’. An explanation of these countries is given below together with information on how to prevent any problems with shipments to these destinations.Read more

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