1 December 2003

Outsourcing logistics, logical thing

PLease find here a Dutch article ‘Logistiek uitbesteden, logische zaak’.

In this article Facto Magazine talks to Michiel van den Bovenkamp about Base Logistics´ activities in the new premises in Zwijndrecht.Read more

23 July 2003

Base Logistics: cost savings for customers is our growth

Please find here a Dutch article ‘Base Logistics: kostenbesparing bij klanten is onze groei’.

In this article Louis van Helden and Michiel van den Bovenkamp of Base Logistics tell their story.Read more

26 June 2003

Critical questions about ‘Black Box’

Please find here a Dutch article ‘Kritische vragen over ‘Black Box”. The CDA group asks questions to Alderman Abee on the first premises at the industrial estate Bakestein in Zwijndrecht, popularly called the ´black box´.Read more

17 June 2003

Base Logistics moves to ‘bunker’ in Zwijndrecht

Please find here a Dutch article ‘Base Logistics verhuist naar ‘bunker’ in Zwijndrecht’. In this article CEO and founder Robin Voet speaks about the upcoming move to Zwijndrecht. Read more

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