Lithium batteries

Last year the rules and regulations regarding the transport by air of lithium batteries were tightened. Stricter rules were already in place for UN3090 (Lithium Metal batteries) and now they also apply to UN3480 (Lithium Ion batteries). UN3480 is now only allowed on cargo planes, so not on combined flights (freight and passengers, or PAX) anymore. Furthermore, additional requirements apply for packaging, labeling and charging status.

As per 1 January 2017 the “Lithium Battery Handling Label” has been replaced by the “New Lithium Battery Mark”. As per the same date the “Class 9 Miscellaneous Dangeroos Goods” label has been replaced by the new “Class 9 Lithium Battery Label”. The old label may still be used until 1 January 2019, but we advise you to already start using the new labeling now.

Should you like learn more about this matter, please contact us via Detailed IATA information can also be found here.