25 October 2013

Shipping batteries

As stated in previous newsletters, dangerous goods (Hazmat/DG) get increasing attention from carriers. Batteries are dangerous goods that are common in a variety of electronics. Not every sender recognizes the risks involved in shipping electronics with batteries (lithium ion/metal batteries and button cells).

The transport of batteries by air (regardless of size, number and power) must meet certain conditions. The ‘battery handling label’ is often a minimum requirement, while notifying the carrier of the shipment before colllection is essential. Besides the requirements set by the IATA carriers may have additional conditions the sender should take into account. This may consist of attaching an MSDS and/or Shipper’s Declaration. Should you not be sure about the contents of your shipment please contact our Compliance department via compliance@baselogistics.com or by telephone: +31 (0)88 – 555 2216.

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