25 October 2013

Base starts operations on Curaçao

Base Logistics opened its doors on the island of Curaçao this summer. Growing demand for 24-hour availability to provide proactive information to our customers, answer questions and handle rush orders day and night was the main reason for opening the new branch. In addition Base has been expanding its international customer base and partnerships, which means that time differences play an increasingly big part in its operations. As a result we needed this new location to ensure further growth on the international logistics market.

Our branch on Curaçao is available 24 x 7 and will take over part of the Control Tower operations from our department in Zwijndrecht. As a result, your shipments will be monitored proactively in part from the Netherlands and in part from Curaçao. Recent months have witnessed intense training and we are currently expanding the activities of the local team in stages. At present they focus primarily on monitoring our international rush orders. In months to come they will also start to track and verify all shipments from the moment they are scheduled.

What will change for you?
Nothing will actually change for you. The new branch aims to ensure continued optimised service throughout the world and monitor your shipments at any time of the day. Naturally you may well encounter our new colleagues over time and also receive queries and messages from us outside Dutch business hours. After all, we will be working on your behalf 24×7 from now on.

Our contact details have not changed. Thanks to modern technology, the distance between our headquarters in Zwijndrecht (NL) and the Curaçao office is just a physical distance. This expansion means we can be of service to you even outside Dutch business hours!

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