18 March 2013

Accedian Networks opts for Base Logistics

“Accedian has been able to quickly improve its supply chain in Europe through the help provided by NDL/HIDC. With the multitude of potential partners, it was difficult for Accedian to determine who would be the perfect fit considering our growing needs. NDL/HIDC with their surveys and visits to our office were able to select 5-6 potential companies that could meet our needs.

After only 1 visit in Netherlands and a quick audit of the three suppliers selected, we chose Base Logistics. So far, it has been a great success as we can now offer next day delivery to our customers in Europe and also manage returns (RMA) through this single location. It has been in operation for only a few months and we have other plans for the future in terms of Value Added Services with Base Logistics.”

About Accedian Networks
Accedian Networks™ is the leader in Performance Assured Networking ™ for Mobile Backhaul, Business Ethernet and Cloud Services. Accedian Networks’ solutions enable mobile operators and service providers to assure, manage, improve and optimize their Carrier Ethernet and IP network performance; thereby delivering the best possible experience to their subscribers. Accedian’s award-winning solutions deliver the most precise network performance measurements, as well as, advanced service creation and traffic management capabilities that enable high value SLA-backed services. Established in 2004, Accedian Networks has an installed base that exceeds 75,000 cell sites and has over 120,000 (and counting) platforms deployed worldwide. Learn more about Accedian at www.accedian.com.

About Base Logistics
Base Logistics was established in 1994 and evolved from a 3PL logistics service provider into a chain director, merging transport, storage and Value Added Logistics in a single knowledge centre. The organisation combines the various aspects of logistics. The integrated approach enables the company to manage the total supply chain, with support provided by a unique IT application (Klairy) that was developed under the company’s own management. Through its current network of over 350 global locations, Based Logistics provides logistics support for a range of global market leaders. With its ability to attain 24 / 7 / 365 service levels varying from next-day delivery to 60-minute deliveries, Base Logistics turns logistics into a competitive edge for its customers. More about Base Log

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