31 January 2013

The right packaging

In order to work as efficiently as possible the logistics sector is becoming increasingly automated. An important part of this is that more and more shipments are being processed by automated systems and sorted by them for the correct destinations. If shipments are not suitable for automated sorting, in the worse case this can result in delay for your shipment. For this reason we would like to advise you on how
you can prevent this as far as possible.

Your shipments should not contain any projecting parts
In the first place this causes sorting problems. In addition to this, there is a high risk of damage. Not only to your shipments themselves, but also to other shipments. Ensuring there are no projecting parts on shipments
therefore limits the risk of damage and delays.

No parts that hang over
If the goods on a pallet are bigger than the pallet itself, there is the likelihood of damage. These shipments are difficult to move, which results in both damage and delays. If your goods are sent on a pallet, it is therefore advisable to use pallets that are big enough for the transport.

Stackable goods
In order to transport goods as efficiently as possible and to avoid creating unnecessary waste spaces in loading areas, it is desirable that goods are stackable. You cannot stack anything on a pyramid-shaped pallet, which means that the space at the top can be regarded as wasted during transport. If a pallet has a flat top, another (light) box can be stacked on it. The space is then used more efficiently during transport and this contributes to a greener flow of goods.

Quality of the packaging
Despite the fact that your shipments are handled as carefully as possible, it sometimes happens that a shipment is damaged on arrival at the recipient’s. One of the possible causes of this is inadequate packaging. To limit damage of this kind as far as possible, we recommend that all carriers pay the necessary attention to the transport packaging of goods. Examples here are the quality of a cardboard box, any extra protection for vulnerable parts (for example edges) of a shipment, the placing of markings on a shipment and the use of the right kind of pallets. If you have any questions relating to the packaging of your goods, you can always get in touch with your contact point at Base Logistics.

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