31 January 2013

Sanctioned countries

With the increasing emphasis on an internationally safe flow of goods we receive more and more questions on the shipment of goods to ‘sanctioned countries’. An explanation of these countries is given below together with information on how to prevent any problems with shipments to these destinations.

What are sanctioned countries?
These are countries to which sanction measures apply. Sanction measures are political instruments in the foreign and security policy of the United Nations and the European Union. They are compulsory, non-military instruments that are used as a reaction to violations of international law or human rights by regimes that do not respect constitutional and democratic principles, in an attempt to bring about a change in this behaviour. Sanctions also play a role in the combating of terrorism.

How do I know whether a country is a sanctioned country or not?
The website of the European Union provides the most up-to-date information on this. On the right, under the heading ‘related links’, you will find a PDF document with a summary of the sanctions for each country. The same list is also published by central government.

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